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Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
on the books could help boost the state's economy according to a report just out. the dramatic could -- dream act arrogance to attend college. the report estimates over time the dramatic could have $66 million to state coffers. >> these are estimates based on the assumption that 4500 brenman students to give marriage of -- take advantage of education. all across the state, local supporters have been trying to convince maryland voters to keep the law on the books. if that happens, high-school graduates who live in the state could pay in state tuition. >> if you have lived here in yoyour whole life you should get help from the state to be educated. >> they finished a policy brief. they said it shows the financial benefits of passing the dream act. >> no matter what assumptions we make, the results are that the benefits will greatly outweigh the costs. >> part of their assumption is this is an investment to increase the lifetime earnings of those who benefit. through jobs in tax revenue. >> we look at the debate and saw that there was not much out there on some cost and benefits of the
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
tuesday. this is drawing criticism from thousands of viewers who want to hear about the economy, health care, and serious issues. >> more fallout for lance armstrong. about a dozen of his former teammates testified against him in a government investigation. it was "the most sophisticated doping program the sport has ever seen." case is part of the usda's against him, erasing his seven titles. he appeared in the revolution 3 70-mile competition, completeing it in less than four hours 11 minuts. >> your home heating bill is about to go up. >> the winter fuels outlook is out. we'll look at how much you'll pay. >> and washington says those wh >> and washington says those wh o have had their catch the great taste of pumpkin before it's gone. hurry into dunkin' donuts and grab a pumpkin muffin or donut today. america runs on dunkin'. >> coming up, he has resigned, and now he has been hired back. he has been accused of soliciting money from firms doing business with the state. why is he back on the payroll? the mother of michael phelps is on the case in david smallwood: maryland money needs to
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
year alone, the impact to the local economy was $30 million. since the inception of this event, it was $225 million. >> that is pretty amazing. this is the sixth year in a row that all the adult races are sold out. the man is running as a symbol of all far he has come since he was behind bars and homeless on the streets of baltimore. >> i've played all kinds of sports. i never thought their running would make a person feels so good. >> feeling good is what keeps anthony blue training for his first-ever half marathon. he is a member of the helping up mission. they are survivors like blue, led a life of using drugs. >> i started smoking marijuana. by the age of 23, i was doing marilyn. >> landing him in and out of jail -- i was doing heroin. >> he has a full-time job cleaning up floors at the university of maryland. his addiction now is exercise. >> i come home and everybody is all cheerful, for " 30 in the morning, smiling, ready to run. -- four-o'clock 30 in morning, smiling, ready to run. >> he is coming to the program, started running, has moved on, is working. so, good things ha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3